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BOLD Favor provides the inspiration and recognizes great achievers who have embraced the motto that “there is no time to be fearful. Be BOLD and fearless in all you do!”

Our brand has expanded over the last three years to include not only our signature title BOLD Favor, but also BOLD Politics, BOLD Wellness, BOLD +P L U S; and BOLD Ageless Beauty, a collaboration with The Lyngale Agency!


Human Dignity

Enjoy stories about people doing great things in the community, and issues of national importance.

Spiritual Strength

Explore the commonality of positive practices that strengthen our faith, renew our beliefs, and empower our spirits.

Meaningful Relationships

Learn how to engage in and maintain loving, meaningful relationships with significant others and family members.

Empowered Style

Lovers of culture and style, you have come to the right place! Enjoy articles on the latest fashion, beauty, travel and books.

Total Wellness

Explore new ways to protect your health and enjoy delicious recipes.


Meet people who exemplify leadership and discover methods that you can apply to your personal and professional lives.

We highlight people, organizations, and causes in each of the above categories to spotlight in each issue. Founded March 2014, we publish quarterly digitally and print. And our magazine is available in select stores around the country!

Enjoy all of our BOLD titles and remember – the future favors the BOLD.  Be fearless!  

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