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TWO libraries in Kenya through the African Library Project in December 2016!​

A THIRD in Swaziland in March 2017!

And now we’re working on the FOURTH library – this one to benefit Botswana for March 2018!

​The Leading Through Living Community (BOLD Favor Media Group, Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Leaders Institute, and the Leading Lady Legacy) has joined theAfrican Library Project (ALP) to establish a fourth community primary school library on the African continent – this time in rural Botswana – by March 1, 2018!

We need $650 and 1,000 books to do so.

The $650 covers the packing materials and shipping costs to send the books to the ALP distribution warehouse for sorting and organizing. 

The 1,000 books will stock the library.

A primary library focuses on children on the kindergarten to 4th grade levels (i.e., ages 5 to 9). Books can be used or new.  Amazon has many books in this category for under $5.00.  Also, Ebay has many lots available where you may buy bundles of gently used books for great bargains – use the terms “third grade book lot” or “fourth grade book lot” or “book lot”.

Ship address is Leading Through Living 6790 W. Broad Street Suite 300 Douglasville, GA 30134.  All books must be received by 3/1/2018, as our ship date is 3/5/2018.  Help us gift this library to a Botswana community!  

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